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How to learn Spanish fast? 6 tips

How to learn Spanish fast? 6 tips


How to learn Spanish fast? How many of you have questioned this? We know first-hand that a quickly way to learn Spanish is travelling to places where it is spoken.


It seems obvious but it’s an intense way of learning better the language. IELE offers a wide range of Spanish courses where you can choose depending on your necessities or purposes.

All of us have that one friend who never went to an academy and he domains some languages. Why? Because he has travelled. The simple fact of being in a foreign country for a period of time can be very useful for your Spanish level, as for your future curriculum too. Travelling is the most effective plan on how to learn Spanish fast.

In this content, we give you 6 advices you can take if you’re staying in Spain and want to learn their language as fast as possible. Changing little habits, you will reach an upper level of Spanish.


1. Learn the basis.


We know the purpose of this content is to show you the advantages of learning English by travelling, but you need a previous basis in order to get along with it. Obviously, you can go without any knowledge but the situation can turn distressed. We recommend you to do some schemas of the basic structures, words and pronunciation rules. It will be very hard to learn if you go there with any knowing of the language. Try to use all the words and structures you know repeatedly to memorize it better.

Another popular tip you can do is to listening your favorite series in Spanish. You can also listen to Spanish music or podcasts. You will improve your comprehension and pronunciation.

IELE offers you a Spanish Level Test to determine which course you need. These are simple exercises to test your grammar and vocabulary skills. ¡Try it and discover how to learn Spanish fast!


2. Don’t settle for English partners.


Do not choose a place to stay where your native language is spoken. We all know that one friend that lives in an apartment with another 6 English flat mates. This can be very good the first weeks when you don’t know anybody. But you’ll get too comfy and you will be able to learn the half you could learn if living with Spanish speakers.

When learning a language, there’s nothing better than being forced to speak it because of the circumstances. If you can’t talk English because your flat mates are Spanish, you will use that language and improve yourself.

In Spain, the number of people studying English is very high. That’s because it’s an obligatory subject there. So if you ever go to a bar or hotel and the waiter start to speak you in your language, don’t be tempted! Try to keep using Spanish in that case. If not, you’re only going to practice the language in your classes.


3. Active listening and mime.


Everyone who has started to learn a language knows how exhausting it can be. The first days, our head is about to explode of processing all translations in our head. Active listening can be tiring, but effective. If you pay attention to little details, you will recognize, new words, structures and pronunciations. You can get a handy dictionary to be supported by and check out any doubt.

If you’re feeling your comprehension and listening are bad, we bring you a universal tactic: mime! To make sure you have get understood correctly, repeat that word by using a movement describing it so you can affirm what you’ve already heard. This way there won’t be any margin of error when listening and understanding people.


4. Leave your embarrassment at home.


A language learning looks easier and faster when you are a kid. Even the results seem to be more achievable but, why? Most people start to develop some kind of shyness when speaking Spanish in public. They felt more inhibit and they don’t get their skills better.

Forget about that! Learning a language is not a simple thing and you won’t get it learnt next day. For a perfect speaking, you must go out, practice, be wrong and then you must learn from all your mistakes. But if you don’t leave your embarrassment at home, you’ll be putting barriers to yourself. You will only practice the language when being in class or home alone.

Moreover, your partners or friends will understand your effort anyways. You’re in a new foreign country where you don’t speak the language and you’re trying hard. They will help you to learn from all your conversations.


5. Start from the bottom.


When learning a language, firstly, you must know simple skills in order to have a basis. In a language you know, you have a wide list of vocabulary and structures in your head in order to communicate. Don’t forget the point: to get along with people. Even if you’re not using the correct words, try to get understood by using synonyms or descriptions.

Nevertheless, when learning a new language, you don’t have all this tools nor information. We recommend you to do a basic verb and structures list you use the mostly to get a good basis.


6. Avoid using your native language.


We know it sounds tempting but please, avoid it! Like we said previously on this content, every of us have that typical friend. The one that went to a foreign country to learn Spanish, and lived surrounded by English speakers.

Even when you’re going to go across a thousand miles to learn Spanish, are you going to keep talking in English? It won’t be effective and a waste of money.

The best choice is always to live with Spanish people. Being constantly hearing them will help you to get a better level of comprehension. Another option (in case you end up living with English people) is to previously visit forums or webs where you can get to know new Spanish friends you can meet there. Some Colleges offer conversation classes where you can learn by speaking with a native Spanish who is in there to practice his English skills. That way you both will learn from each other.

As you see, there are simple hacks but if you put them in use, you will reach a faster and better level of Spanish. Take these advices about how learning Spanish fast and try the experience of learning by travelling.

If you’re not sure if you need some classes before you go, visit this page to test your Spanish level. Also, you can contact us for more information.





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How to learn Spanish fast? 6 tips
  How to learn Spanish fast? How many of you have questioned this? We know first-ha
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