Frequently Asked Questions

1.- How can I enroll?
- Ask IELE for the availability of the course. - IELE tells you if the course is available and, if it is, then you have one week to enroll in the course.
2.- How can I book a course?
- The student sends IELE the enrollment fee and pays the deposit of 120 euro.

- Once IELE receives the deposit, you'll be sent a booking certificate.

- On your first day of class you will have to pay for the rest of your course upon your arrival. You may pay with cash or with your credit card.
3.- How and when can I pay the deposit or the complete course?
- On our web-site with your credit card.

- By bank transfer: LA CAIXA (Av. de la Constitución 24, 41001 Sevilla-SPAIN) Internacional Banking Account Number (IBAN) ES81 2100 7262 9002 0011 9066 SWIFT/BIC CAIXESBBXXX - Beneficiary: I.E.L.E. Macarena Hidalgo, S.L. CIF:B91210195 *Bank taxes payed by the student.

- A friend or relative can pay directly at the school reception. He or she can pay with cash or pay by credit card.
4.- Where can I enroll in a course?
- On our web-site or directly at the school reception.
5.- Can I pay for the complete course before arriving at the school?
- Yes
6.- How can I classify my Spanish level?
- On our web-site there is a Spanish language test. Once you complete it, send it to us before your arrival. When you get to the school, you'll be asked to do a more detailed test before starting your course.
7.- Can I extend the course?
- Yes
8.- What is included in the course price?
- The price of the course includes the enrolment fee, training materials, a student card, a city map, internet for free at the school and the ability to borrow books and films.
9.- Is it possible to make up for a missed class?
- No. Holidays (with the exception of Christmas break) and Group Class absences cannot be recuperated. Absences from Private Class without previous day notification cannot be recuperated.
10.- What is the age of the students?
- The minimum age requirement is 14 years of age. There is not, however, a maximum age limit.
11.- How many students are there per class?
- The minimum number of students is 2 and the maximum is 8.
12.- Will I receive a certificate at the end of the course?
- Yes, at the end of the course all the students will be given a certificate of participation.
13.- Is IELE allowed to cancel a course?
- Yes, IELE may cancel a course if there are an insufficient number of students. In this case, IELE will give you your money back.
14.- How and when can I pay for my housing?
- Housing must to be paid directly to IELE within the first three days of your arrival, in cash only.
15.- Can I change my housing?
- Yes
16.- Are the accommodations near the school?
- We try to find housing that is no more than a 25 minute walk from the school.
17.- Are the flats shared with Spanish people or other exchange students?
- In the flats there is always a Spanish flat-mate, but you may also share with another exchange student or two.
18.- Are there towels and sheets in the housing?
Yes, there is everything that you will need.
19.- If I have too much luggage, is it possible to ship one of them to the school before my arrival?
- Yes
20.- Is there transportation offered between the airport or bus/train station and the accommodation?
- Yes, by request the school offers transportation between your place of arrival and your housing.
21.- What can I do if I have a specific diet or allergy?
- No problem. You must explain your specific situation on your enrollment and we'll notify the family.
22.- If someone comes to visit me, can he or she stay in my housing?
- Yes, but you must always ask your flat-mates or family for permission, and he or she will be asked to pay the appropriate amount related to the length of their visit.
23.- Where is the school located?
- In the center of the city, approximately 50 meters from the Cathedral.
24.- How big is Seville?
- Sevilla is the fourth largest city in Spain.
25.- Do the students have free internet access at the school?
- Yes
26.- Can I obtain a visa if I enroll in IELE?
- Yes, for more information please contact the reception of IELE or visit

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