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Best way to learn Spanish.

Best way to learn Spanish.

The best way to learn Spanish is not written at all. Actually, you can find a wide offer of Spanish courses. You can choose intensive, in 1000 words or with local teachers. But which is the best one?


Today, we bring you some advices to take in case you have chosen to learn Spanish.



1. Take your time.


As any other language, you cannot learn Spanish in a few days. The quickness of learning will change depending on the kind of person. Some of them have more ability for learning it quickly than others. Because of that, we want you not to only trust in results that summer courses offers. It's true you will learn a lot of skills, but not every of them. A language is a complex thing and years of experience and practice are needed to get a good level. Only then, you will get on properly.



2. Start as young as you can.


If you had spoken a language when you were young, you will note more fluency in your speaking and listening. It will help you to get a richer and wider vocabulary. In addition, you'll have more ease and fluency in speech.

But if you think this is the best way to learn Spanish, you're wrong. Elder people have the same capabilities to learn a language as the youngest. But time you spent learning it is an important thing to keep in mind. So the sooner you start, the better. This way you will have the necessary time allowed to reach an upper level.



3. Sign up for several courses. Be up for them.


It is certain that Spain offers a wide range of Spanish programs. To choose one or another will depend on your economy and time. Don't think that an only intensive Spanish course is good enough for learning all of some language components. In each course, you will memorize new words and schemas, but we do need time to stablish a solid basis and put it on practice.



4.Don't get mocked.


Don't get impressed with those "learn Spanish in 1000 words" books. They look tempting but what we do get with them? To look like an automated machine or a robot.

These language books are good if you're in difficult situation or if you're up for a quick travel to any other country. The hard part is to get those sentences together to say something coherent and dialogue with someone. Moreover, almost of the sentences are written in a very formal register. So here's our advice: have these books as a simply support.



5. Choose local teachers and friends.


Finally, here's the best way to learn Spanish: being surrounded by Spanish people all the time. The fact of being constantly hearing them will helps you to reach a better comprehension. Furthermore, you will learn colloquial expressions only a local could teach you. You will get new conversation situations and a new informal vocabulary.


By the other way, we recommend you to choose a local teacher. We do not want to devalue non local teachers at all. But there are some specific characteristics (like little aspects of a language, colloquial expressions or word origins) only a local could teach you.


To sum it up, the best way to learn Spanish is choosing how you're going to learn properly. Don't forget to take the time you need and to put the language in practice as long as you can. knows that every student got different necessities. For that reason, we offer you a wide range of courses so you can learn as fast as you want.


If you're in doubt and don't know which course choose, contact us. We will be glad for assist you.



Select the type of course, duration, and housing to see the total price.


Want to know your Spanish level? Try our level test and we will send you your results.


We can help you to obtain a student visa to study Spanish here in Spain.

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Best way to learn Spanish.
The best way to learn Spanish is not written at all. Actually, you can find a wide offer of
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